Haresfield Chicken Eggs

Organic Chicken Eggs

Our eggs are brought to you fresh from the nest .

Our eggs are laid by a mix of our friendly hyline hens, shaver and Lohmann. Our eggs are mainly brown but can go lighter in the summer months. Our yolks are a rich yellow as the hens range on grasses which helps to bring yellow to the yolk colour. We aim to bring the freshest eggs to market and often, we will be collecting the eggs early, grading and packing them for market on the same day when demand is highest. Our eggs have won awards from BOOM awards and compassion in world farming award too.

Interested in stocking our eggs?

We are always looking for new outlets for our eggs, so if you are an egg producer that needs to make up shortfall, or a retailer looking for a reliable supply of quality, professionally packaged Organic Free Range eggs then we would love to hear from you.