Puddle Lane Organic Duck Eggs

Organic Duck Eggs

Our duck eggs are laid by the khaki Campbells. This breed is perfect for producing great tasting eggs and they are really good all year round layers. They lay a slightly smaller egg in size as they are not too large themselves!
This means that we can fit the eggs in the boxes although they still manage to lay one or two whoppers that don’t fit into any size of box.
Our ducks are reared from home as ducklings and bedded on straw and lay in straw bale nests that we make for them. Here, they are given somewhere quiet to go to lay their eggs. When outside ranging, the ducks graze grass and are always on the look out for worms – but also keen to get into their ponds to clean themselves and play in the water which is essential for duck health. Our duck eggs are bright white and yolks are a deep yellow.

Interested in stocking our duck eggs?

We are always looking for new outlets for our eggs, so if you are an egg producer that needs to make up shortfall, or a retailer looking for a reliable supply of quality, professionally packaged Organic Free Range Duck eggs then we would love to hear from you.